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We provide all Natural treats and chews with single ingredient. We do the vetting so you can safely feed your Fur Baby. Free Delivery In Winnipeg on ALL Orders!!!

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All Treats & Chews are Delivered Free in Winnipeg.

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Raw Food from Carnivora, Perfectly Raw & Smack

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Introducing Dog Ice-Cream & Cake Mix

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You are definitely my new favorite place to get pet treats!

Yanin S.

My dogs, thank you. They love everything so far.


Healthy and fresh. Best treats ever.


Various Treats & Chews

Himalayan Yak Cheese Treats & Chews. Long Lasting Chew for Dogs

Are you looking for long lasting chew, that is odorless, Non Staining and high in protein? Then look no further introducing Himalayan Yak Cheese. Yes, you heard it right, it is 100% Himalayan yak cheese made from the centuries old authentic recipe of the Tibetan monks.

Get up to 20% discount on Bulk purchase.

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Dog Ice-Cream Mix & Cake Mix

Dog Ice Creams are not only mouth-watering they are also a healthy treat alternative. Each flavor is lactose-free and has no sugar added so you can feel good about serving it to your dog! Just add water, freeze, and enjoy!

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Bully Sticks (Best Chew for Dogs)

Does your dog like to Chew? Then you will love our selection of Bully sticks. We have various shapes and sizes available in Bully Sticks. Beef Curly, Beef Barbell, Beef Ribbon, Beef Twisty, Beef Ring, Beef Jr. Cane, Beef Slim, Beef Chew etc. For Dogs of all breeds & age.

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Elk & Deer Antlers (Split & Whole) Long Lasting Chew for Dogs

Checkout the long lasting chew Antlers. We carry Elk & Deer antlers in various sizes. Our Antlers are larger than similar size you can find in other stores as well as cheaper than other stores. Your dog will go crazy after our antler and will chew it for a couple months :)

Save more by purchasing Bulk.

Bulk Elk Antlers in Large, X-Large & Jumbo Sizes.

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Beef Treats and Chews

We have various selection of beef treats and chews. Including Beef Trachea, Bully Stick, Beef Lung, Beef Liver, Beef Marrow bones, Beef Knuckle Bones, Beef Rib bones & Beef Femur Bone.

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Lamb Treats and Chews

Your pet is allergic to beef don't worry we have few options in lamb as well. You will love our lamb treats and chews. Including Lamb Trachea, Lamb Liver, Lamb Lung, Lamb Ears and dehydrated Lamb Tripe.

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Chicken Treats & Chews

Various selection of Chicken Treats & Chews. Chicken Hearts, Chicken Foot, Chicken Breasts, Chicken Gizzards, Chicken Wing Tips & Chicken Liver etc. Your fur baby will love our chicken products.

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Duck Treats & Chews

Shop from our various Duck treats & chews for your lovely fur baby. We have Duck Liver, Duck Hearts, Duck Neck, Duck Wings & Duck Feet.

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Fish (Salmon, Herring & Sardines) & Pig

We have amazing treats and chews including Salmon skin, Dehydrated Salmon, Herring, Sardines, Pig Ears, Sliced Pig Ears and Pork bones.

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Turkey Treats

Your dog or cat likes Turkey then they are in for a treat. We have Turkey Breasts, Turkey Hearts, Turkey Liver as well as some frozen turkey treats from Perfectly Raw and Carnivora.

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Exotic Animal Organs

Bison Heart, Bison Liver, Venison Liver, Venison Heart, Kangaroo Meat, Turkey Heart, Goat Heart etc.


Gift Baskets / Value Packs

Various Gift baskets for your fur baby. Different options based on the type of the chewer you have. Beef lover special, Lamb lover special, Aggressive Chewer, Moderate Chewer and many more.

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