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      Finding the right food for your pet's dietary needs can feel like walking blindfolded. Knowing that, we used our decades of pet nutrition expertise, and came up with a solution. Several, in fact, that we call GO! SOLUTIONS.

       We craft recipes that nourish pets from the inside out, covering everything from skin + coat health, to limited ingredient recipes for food sensitivities, and recipes packed with meat protein for pets with high energy needs. Each recipe provides solutions pet parents can trust, and pets will love.

      We believe that all pets should have access to premium-quality food, and we continually support pets in need through rescues, shelters and food banks. In 2021, we donated 1,087,482 GO! SOLUTIONS meals to dogs and cats throughout North America.

      We’ve assembled a top-notch team of experts who have extensive knowledge of GO! SOLUTIONS recipes and can answer pet health and nutrition-related questions. Need help finding the right recipe for your pet? Our Customer Care Representatives will be happy to help.


      Call : +1 431-800-4965

      Email : info@pettoba.ca


      44 products

      44 products