Smack Dehydrated Raw Food


      A family-owned business based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Smack Pet Food has created raw dehydrated cat and dog foods using simple, yet delicious ingredients to support pets' overall health.

      Raw dehydrated superfoods with a scoop and serve convenience!

      🐾 CANADA'S only 5-STAR RATED RAW Pet Food!


      🐾 Loyalty Program: Once you purchase 10 Bags from us you get 1 Free!!

      🐾 FREE Delivery In Winnipeg

      🐶 Smack has earned the distinction as the only 5-star rated Canadian raw food, “Enthusiastically Recommended” by the world’s most recognized and respected site for dog food reviews,, which provides non-biased dog food reviews covering over 3,500 commercial dog foods.

      🐶 All Smack five-star rated raw dehydrated foods feature a shortlist of the world’s best organic and conventional whole superfood ingredients that are proven highly beneficial for health and are also lip-smacking good, without any fillers such as legumes, lentils, peas, soy, corn, wheat, gluten, or grain.

      🐶Convert picky eaters, nip those allergies, reduce trips to the vet and improve overall health. Yes, a raw diet can do all that and more.

      🐶The world's best pet food right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

      Smack foods incorporate only the best, fresh ingredients, such as antibiotic-free chicken, wild-caught BC salmon, antioxidant-filled fruits, spinach, carrots, and flavorful herbs to provide the benefits of a raw food diet in a dry, easy-to-feed format.

      12 products

      12 products