Acana Wet Dog Food


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      Buy 5 Get 1 Free can of ACANA Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food

      Now Serving! Your dog will love our premium chunks of meat, poultry or fish in ACANA® Premium Chunks, all in a savory bone broth base.

      Rich In Animal Ingredients

      Crafted with 85%* premium animal ingredients balanced with 15%* visible fruit & vegetables.


      Easy Digestibility

      ACANA Premium Chunks are rich in moisture and have a soft texture that make it easier for your dog to chew and digest.


      Bone Broth Base

      ACANA Premium Chunks are brimming in a delicious and nutritious bone broth that will delight your dog.


      Mix & Match

      Feed ACANA Premium Chunks alone as a delicious meal, or add it on top of ACANA kibble to indulge your dog at mealtime.


      8 products

      8 products