Multi-Cat Clumping Wheat Cat Litter - Swheat Scoop

Multi-Cat Clumping Wheat Cat Litter - Swheat Scoop


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More cats mean more reasons to enhance odor protection, and that’s just what we’ve done with multi-cat sWheat Scoop. By eliminating odors and clumping fast, this product is great for high-traffic litter boxes.

sWheat Scoop multi-cat is a natural cat litter with super-absorbent clumping. Made from biodegradable and renewable wheat, multi-cat utilizes natural wheat starches to trap odors on contact and natural enzymes neutralize urine and ammonia odors quickly for the power needed in multi-cat households. All that odor-fighting power without the added dyes, perfumes, dust or harmful ingredients typically found in clay litters.  

All Natural Without Compromise

100% natural - No dyes, perfumes or chemicals

Flushable - 100% biodegradable for flushable clumps

99.5% Dust Free - No dust cloud to breathe in

Odor Neutralizing Enzymes - Powerful odor control in every grain of wheat

Enhanced Clumping - Natural starches provide fast clumping action and easy scooping

Low Tracking - Keeps paw prints inside the litter box

Better for the Planet - What comes from the planet can go back with no harm

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